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  Recommended books for technical sales people

Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill Well you may as well start with the classic - get your own copy and read it each year.
Walk like a Giant, Sell like a Madman Ralph Roberts For all the self-employed. For all the individual entrepreneurs who need to sell. For every real estate agent in the world. Learn a lot of practical lessons from someone who can do the rare art of both sales and marketing.
Selling the Dream
Guy Kawasaki His original and best book. Must read for all computer and software sales people.
The 5 Great Rules of Selling Percy Whiting The famous Dale Carnegie sales courses are based on this book. Yes, anyone can learn sales. Here is the formula.
Women in Sales Tanny Mann The men who read this book rave over it (and get their eyes opened). Ladies, get your own copy.
Sales Management by Objectives Odione If nothing else is working for you and your team, put formal plans in place.
Feed Your Eagles Derek Newton Of course your top sales people are prima donnas. Console yourself on the way to the bank. In the meantime, let them soar.
The Heart of the Sale Mitchell Love it. Even the most technical sale has a human emotional side to the transaction.

How to Swim With The Sharks Without Getting Eaten Alive


Harvey Mackay We liked it just for the title. Then found out what a practical, insightful, and smart easy read it is about the basics of selling.
Supercharge Your Sales Force Jon Liberman Not all your team are self-charging, so lead the charge yourself with this inspiration.
One Minute $ales Person Johnson & Wilson For those who like their training in byte size chunks, this is the answer. Great refresher for busy years when you don't read full books.
Selling the Tough Buyer W. Huggins One of the books to read as you start to move up the sales channel.
How to Master the Art of Selling Tom Hopkins OK. Learn from the master as you get better.
Power Base Selling Holden Another master.
Ziglar on Selling Zig Ziglar One of many books from the sales inspiration leader. Try to see him in person somehere too.
The Art of Persuasion Ray Wilson We are all born salesmen. Somehow as kids it is easy and then we get stuffy or something. Go back and read this to learn the art.
Open the Mind and Close the Sale John Wilson We can never say enough about how important listening is as a primary sales skill.
Integrity Selling R. Willingham Sure wish more Wall Street types would read this.
Selling the Way Your Customers Want to Buy Roger Wenschlag What a novel idea. Read this before starting any new channel programs.
Getting to Yes William Ury A quick practical read. Good refresher.
Getting Past No William Ury Companion refresher.
The Psychology of Selling Brian Trace We all need to know more about this. People sell to people. The process and approach have all been studied by psychologists - and there are major commonalities across psychographic groups.
How to Sell Your Way into the Big Money Vincent F. Sullivan Was last year great? Why not step it up a lot of notches.
Greatest Sales Stories Ever Told
From the world's best salespeople
R. Shook People are sick of me raving about this book Check it out for yourself.
Major Accounts Sales Strategy Neil Reckham Selling to the government or big boys needs a different emphasis - and a whole approach plan. If you can't apprentice yourself to a master, study this carefully.
SPIN Selling Neil Reckham A practical formula
Managing Mavericks Leslie Ades I sometimes call Sales Management an oxymoron. But at least you have to try.
How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success Through Selling Frank Bettger One of the all time classics. Master success story.
Niche Selling Brooks Shouldn't a lot of us be doing this?
How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie The first person to ever document the sales process. And still a classic reference that is entertaining and easy to read. A copy belongs on the bookshelf of every salesman and marketeer.
Value Selling L. De Rose What a novel concept!

What they don't teach you in Sales 101

Drozdeck, Yeager& Sommers Need we say more?
Breakthrough Selling Farber and Wycoff When you are bored or in a rutt, read this.
Close, Close, Close
How to make the sale
John Fenton Experienced salespeople know that (a) closing is the easiest part of the process, and (b) you don't have a sale if you don't close. Good motivation to try harder.
Getting to Yes
Negotiating agreement without giving in
Roger Fisher Short and sweet. Great primer and refresher/
Getting past No Roger Fisher Expect objections, and get past them.
How to Sell Anything to Anyone Joe Girard Starting to show its age. But we still like Joe.
The Art of Closing Any Deal
How to be a "master closer" in everything you do
James W. Pickens 1 million readers can't be wrong. Very, very practical and detailed oriented. But keeps it moving.
How to become a Rainmaker
The people who get and keep customers
Jeffrey J. Fox OK, so you have some sales experience. Now learn how to really make it happen.....and make yourself into themost valued employee.
Filling the Glass
The skeptic's guide to positive thinking in business
Barry Maher Getting your attitude right about life and selling.

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