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  Recommended books for technical product marketing managers:

Digital Dreams
The work of the Sony design center.

Paul Kunkel Recommended to me to validate all my Sony stories. But this is so much better, especially for industrial user design knowledge.
Survival of the Fittest
New product development during the 90's
P. Himmelfarb A readable, practical book for major product development and management.

Winning at New Products
Accelerating the process from Idea to Launch

Rober Cooper This book is the classic that defined the Stage-Gate process and became the "bible" for developers everywhere.

Contextual Design
A Customer-Centered Approach to Systems Design

H. Beyer, K. Holtzblatt Now that product Personas are all the rage, this book is getting a lot of play.
The Inmates are Running the Asylum
Why high tech products drive us crazy and how to restore the sanity.
Alan Cooper, Paul Saffo Oh what a cry to have the users involved in design...another much talked about book lately in S.V.
Little Inventions that made Big Money R. Paige Fun read....if only you could think up something like this too.
New Products:
How to create, develop and market them successfully
N. Heimbold A step above an academic text, as it has far more real examples.
Rules for Revolutionaries
The Capitalist Manifesto for Creating and Marketing New Products and Services
Guy Kawasaki, Gary Moreno, Gary Kawasaki If you would like to create like a god, command like a king, and work like a slave, then here is the manifesto to follow. Less entertaining but more practical than the rest of Guy's books.
The Art of Innovation
Lessons in Creativity from Ideo
Kelley, Little, Peters How could any book from America's leading industrial design firm not be fascinating to anyone with any visual sense? I look forward to reading this myself soon.
The ISO 9000 Book
A global competitor's guide to certification
J. Rabbit & P. Bergh One of the few practical and readable books on ISO 9000. And even if you don't meet the standards, a great methodology tool for complete quality and customer satisfaction.

Fast Cycle Time
Aligning purpose, strategy and speed

C. Meyer It is always a balance. How do you make the tradeoffs for maximum profits and success?
Walking the High Tech Wire David Adamson Another balancing act book.
Developing Products in Half the Time
New rules, new tools
Smith & Reinertsen A common theme - this one book might actually help you in a larger organization.
The Product Manager's Handbook
The complete product management resource
Linda Gorchels Recommended to me. What do you think? Seems to be great for new people learning the job and responsibilies.
Just for Fun
The story of an accidental revolutionary
L. Torvalds Mr. Linux himself. Wow. Exciting and fascinating...and on-going.
Lightning Strategies for Innovation
How the world's best firms create new products
W. Zanguill We've all heard of Internet Time. Make it work for all your innovative ideas.
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