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  Recommended books for technical marketeers:

Marketing High Technology
An insider's view
William Davidow Must read for technical marketeers. Written while Bill was V.P. Marketing at Intel. Source of famous quote: "Engineers make devices, marketeers make products".
Crossing the Chasm Marketing and selling high-tech products to mainstream customers
Geoffrey Moore A core concept for all tehnical marketing - and many others too. Fun, esay, insightful. Required reading if you expect to work in technology marketing.
Inside the Tornado
Marketing strategies from Silicon Valley's cutting edge
Geoffrey Moore Also very good. Important concepts for planning targets and distribution channels. Don't even think of starting a technology company without reading this Moore book too.
The Regis Touch
New marketing strategies for uncertain times.
Regis McKenna Still the basic primer for technology P.R.
Relationship Marketing
Successful strategies for the age of the customer
Regis McKenna How come so many executives still don't get positioning? Perhaps you can take the lead for your company here.

Guerrilla Publicity
Hundreds of sure-fire tactics

J. Levinson, R. Frsihman, J. Lubin The book I wish I wrote. Every basic idea and trick of the trade for anyone new to P.R. - and everyone who ever wrote a book.
Futurize Your Enterprize
Business strategy in the age of the e-customer.
David Siegel If you haven't figured out the importance of the e-customer, read this before the week is out.
The Tipping Point
How little things can make a big difference
Malcolm Gladwell A watershed book. Must reading for all in advertising and marketing - especially to the masses. An top 500 best seller.....I had to get it when I heard everyone raving about it....and now I rave too.
Marketing Straight to the Heart Barry Feig OK, I know it is difficult to quantify and to sell to management and business schools do not teach it....that is why you had better learn it....if your customers have a heart pumping at all.
The Popcorn Report
Faith Popcorn The book that put this visionary on the map, and taught all of us about long range planning.
Cyber Rules
Strategies for excelling at e-business.
Thomas Siebel and Pat House If you are a Siebel or CRM fan, you may be able to chew through this. Big I.T. bias.
Permission Marketing
Turning strangers into friends, and friends into customers
Seth Godin Don't do email marketing without reading this book, or many other articles on the subject.
Value Added Public Relations
The secret weapon of integrated marketing
Thomas L. Harris Wow, P.R. for big consumer companies. What a novel idea! Wouldn't hurt any new student of integrated marketing to read this.
Marketing on the Internet Jan Zimmerman One of many new texts on the subject, but this one is kept up to date. Go for 5th edition or later if you can. This is the only book from which students tell me they really learned something.
The Essence of International Marketing Stan Paliwoda A great, short book primer on international marketing if you can find a copy.
Internet Marketing Charles F. Hofacker Easy read, with strong connections to the Wall Street Journal, including a password for online access.
Word of Mouth Marketing Jerry Wilson Still the most powerful marketing message medium. And one of the best books on the subject.
Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind Trout & Reis The first and best book on the subject. Get your own copy and read it at least once a year.
How to Write a Good Advertisement Vic Schwab Why do so many managers think they can do advertising without ever having studied it? At least learn the basics before you waste your money.
Bottom Up Marketing Ries and Trout Practical and effective. Without having to rejigger all your strategies and personnel. From the masters of marketing warfare.
The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing Ries and Trout The basic rules from the masters. See ho wmany you agree with.
Creating Demand
Move the masses to buy your product, service or idea
R. Ott Succeed at this, and you have succeeded as a marketer, whatever your position.
The Marketing Imagination Theodore Levitt Makes you think.
Guerilla Marketing
Secrets for making big profits from your small business
Jay Levinson The original and the best guerilla marketing book.
How to Drive Your Competition Crazy Guy Kawasaki Guy finally returns to writing a practical book which doesn't make you feel like he is preaching too much.
SURE Fire Direct Response Marketing
Business-to-business sales leads for bottom-line success
Russell Kern Direct mail is still magic.....but there are known ways to succeed. Read this or hire the West Coast master himself.
Marketing on a shoestring
Low cost tipms for marketing your products or services
J. Davidson The title says it all.
Marketing Warfare Ries & Trout At first I never read this book because of the military theme, but then later discovered how appropriate it was. Especially when you have to martial a lot of troops to get going.
My Life in Advertising and Scientific Advertising Claude Hopkins You are spending a lot of money. Two classics in one. Rave reviews. Shouldn't you sometimes use some science, and not just trust your gut?
Magnet Marketing
The ultimate strategy for attracting and retaining customers
Graham & Bennett So much smarter way to do things. Hard to get your boss to understand. But so slick when it works.

The Invisible Touch
The Four Keys to Modern Marketing


Harry Beckwith Easy read or listen, especially if you are new to marketing.
The World's Best Known Marketing Secret
Building your business with word-of-mouth marketing
Ivan Misner & Virginia Devine Does your company actively network and generate Word of Mouth? For many, this is their major marketing channel - especially local businesses.

Radical Marketing
From Harvard to Harley, lessons from ten that broke the rules and made it big

Sam Hill & Glenn Rifkin Calling all Marketeers and CEO's. Wake up and do something different if you want to stand apart from the crowd.
The Wizard of Ads
Turning words into magic and dreamers into millionaires
Roy Williams Judge a book by its cover? Then you won't be able to resist this one. And you need to know all these lessons if you are making any sort of creative advertising.
The Eight Truths of Marketing to Women
Faith Popcorn If you haven't realized it yet, women control the purse strings. Read this by a top futurist and watch the movie "What Women Want".
Business-to-Business Internet Marketing
Five proven strategies for increasing profits through internet direct marketing
Barry Silverstein If you are involved in direct marketing or distribution channel sales, and don't have a strong handle on the options available online, this should be your first serious cookbook.
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