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Recommended books for technical business knowledge:

Momentum: How companies become unstoppable market forces Ron Ricci and John Volkman The hot new book in Silicon Valley from the marketing gurus at Cisco and AMD. Great news unless you have to compete against these big guys.
In Search of Excellence
Lessons from America's best-run companies
Peters and Waterman A famous book in its own right. Still very relevant, especially for larger organizations.
What they don't Teach you at Harvard Business School Mark McCormack The original sports agent story. Also great lessons in major account selling, especially for intangibles.
Accidental Empires
How the boys of Silicon Valley make their millions, battle foreign competition and still can't get a date
Robert Cringely Not so sure they look so good right now, but a fun read. At least you will be going in with your eyes open.
A Passion for Excellence
The leadership difference
Peters and Austin If you are a Tom Peters fan, then you have to read this too.
The art of survival
Donald Trump with Charles Leerhsen "Undaunted...daring...tough...always innovating," to quote the cover. How true. Fun read. The master of big business P.R.
The Discipline of Market Leaders
Choose your customers, narrow your focus, dominate your market
Michael Treacy & Fred Wiersema The definitive business book, with academic credentials, on fousing on your key value propositions. Best seller - and controversial in its own right.
How to Think Like a CEO
The 22 vital traits you need to be the person at the top
D.A. Benton A vital traits audit. If you are headed this way, you may was well start preparing now.
How to Think Like the World's Greatest Minds Marcia Turner Every executive can learn from great leaders and changers of the status quo, like Herb Kelleher does at the helm of Southwest Airlines.
Built to Last
Successful habits of visionary companies
James Collins & Jerry Porras Its about the visions and attitudes of management, this landmark study of visionary companies over 50 years olds concludes. A bestseller. Important for leaders and builders of organizations.
The seven laws of business that made Chrysler the world's hottest car company
Robert A. Lutz A great company biography....and turn around story...that made them irresistable to Daimler.
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