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  Recommended books for technical branders:

Priceless: Turning Ordinary Products into Extraordinary Experiences Diana Lasalle, Terry Briton A practical, tactical guide to giving your customers that priceless experience. Must read for consumer marketing branders.
United We Brand
5 Steps to an Unforgettable Brand
Mike Moser An executive's guide on how to funnel the brand roadmap to everyone.

Emotional Branding
How successful brands gain the irrational edge

Daryl Travis, Richard Branson Don't be scared to read this. Yes, there is a lot of emotion in brands.
Building brand loyalty in the internet age
Moon Mullison

An emerging science, with enough of a track record for all of us to learn from.

Deep Branding on the Internet
Applying heat and pressure online to ensure a lasting brand
Marc Brauntein & Ed Levine You have to work at it! Let the boss know too.
Strategic Brand Management
Creating and sustaining brand equity long term
Jan-Noel Kapster A good up to date treatise, especially for major brands worldwide
The battle for your mind
Al Ries and Jack Trout The book and place where it all starts. A classic. Must read.
The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding Al Ries and Laura Ries Another must read - so that at least you can see how many of the rules you agree with. Great basic primer.
The 11 Immutable Laws of Internet Branding Al Ries & Laura Ries OK. We had to have it. Read quickly and pass it on.
Warp Speed Branding
The impact of technology on marketing
Angie Winkler Some good knowledge for those not so up on technology. But we are always cautious of books on branding written by advertising executives!

Blow the Whistle on Your Competition
How to brand position your company to win in the marketplace of the mind

D. Wendal Attig Despite its long title, a thorough and excellent book for the serious student.
Managing Brand Equity
Capitilizing on the value of a brand name
David Aaker One of a series of academic textbooks, by a leading professor on the subject.
Building Strong Brands David Aaker

Second in a series. Continues to be biased towards mega brands.

Brand Leadership
Building assets in the information society
David Aaker First of the esteemed professor's books that even mentions the internet. Of course, then he does a stellar job.
How to create and use brand identity to market technology products
Chuck Pettis At last. Something even I can understand that isn't just a few basic rules.
The Brand Mindset
Five essential strategies for building brand advantage throughout your company
Duane Knapp Don't let the strange cover put you off. If you deal with consumers, read this soon.
The E Myth revisted
Why most small businesses don't work and what to do about it
Michael Gerber Not really a branding book...but if your brand is online, a very interesting read.
Eating the Big Fish
How challenger brands can compete against brand leaders
Adam Morgan We love it. For the title alone. Seriously, great for everyone except the market leaders.
The Tipping Point
How little things can make a big difference
Malcom Gladwell A definitive must read for everyone in marketing and branding. At last we start to see some light on why fads and trends happen.....and many other basic of promotions. Highly recommended - it is already a best seller..
Driving Brand Value
Using integrated marketing to manage profitable stakeholder relationships
Dr. Tom Duncan & Sandra Moriarty Thank you professor, for formalizing what good marketeers should do...instead of just listening to one of their agencies.
Futurize Your Enterprize
Business strategy in the age of the e-customer
David Siegel Surprise. You need a good business and marketing strategy before you can create a brand - even in the online world. Here is a quick way to get a good fix on the subject.

Integrated Branding
Becoming brand-driven through company wide action

Joseph Lepla Congratulations to one author with the courage to criticize how agencies operate. And how to do it right anyway. First agency principal we know who doesn't introduce a big bias towards their personal specialty.
Experiential Marketing
How to get customers to sense, feel, think, act and relate to your company and brands
Bern H. Schmitt Every brander should know how to make the brand experience. If you are too analytical and pragmatic, it's time to read this.
Competitive Branding
Winning in the market with value-added brands
Torsten Nilson Emphasis on wht to do, rather than how to do it. Very good with an European slant as author did branding for Nestle.
Brand Warfare
10 rules for building killer brands
Jay D'Alessandro If you work for a large company you must read this book, especially if you are in management. Just released in 2001.
Emotional Branding
The new paradigm for connecting people and brands
Marc Gobe Important for big consumer advertisers
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