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Brighter Names Naming Book

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Brighter Names
Pragmatic Naming for the Smaller Business

Now you too can run a naming project like the Pros. Complete methodology, hints and worksheets to find a new company, product or service name for your organization. All the steps and checks needed to bring a management team to consensus - while keeping your lawyers bills down. In fact, learn how to do all your trademark and usage checks successfully yourself so youonly hand off clean names to the attorneys.

Ideal for the small business, or anyone else who has never run a creative process. The days of sucking on a fat pencil and thick dictionary looking for names are long gone. Most you find that way would be taken anyway.

Since naming is not an everyday function for most marketing and management teams it doesn't come easy and wastes a lot of time - unless you learn the tactics of the professionals. Download book and worksheets today, and you can start the process tomorrow. A methodology proven in the field on many real successful naming cases.

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Now with FREE supplement Professional Creative Name Generation Tricks

Brighter Branding Book

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Print edition available from Foden Press or Amazon or book stores.

Brighter Branding
Best Practices for the Smaller Business

Start learning the practical, tactical way to brand your company or product. Even if you did not study marketing at college. Especially if you are not a dummy. Don't be misled by expensive consultants or agencies. Find out how to really create the experience that builds the brand. Here are proven methods and roadmaps to follow that are not about marketing imagery or consumer theory at big giants. Now that the technology false hype about branding is all over, learn what a brand really is, and quickly motivate the whole company.

Roll up your sleeves and get this you can get back to running the business. Read it on the plane or train, or print it all out. A fun read that will pay for itself the first day a couple of times over.

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Brighter SEO
Organic Search Engine Optimization

Start learning the practical, tactical way to score well with the search engines of the world. Little important tricks for each page of your website... but that is only the start. Proper SEO involves blogs and links and PR and branding. You can pay thousands for a consultant, not all of whom are ethical, then you just have to call them back in two years. Or you and your webmaster and social marketing people can do it right from the start.. and continue to do so Must be a key part of marketing operations for most businesses in this day and age, especially if you expect leads to come in from the internet..

Roll up your sleeves and get this you can get back to running the business. Read it on the plane or train, or print it all out. A diligent read and implementation of these practical tactics will have your website creeping up the search engines every month. All of these have been proven in real life. Athol has run two naming agencies that have grown successfully by winning the search engine wars.. world wide.

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Spreadsheet marketing planning book
Download book and spreadsheets today.
Fire up Excel and make those plans now.

Spreadsheet Marketing
Planning for Success V3.0

Spreadsheets are not just for accountants. They make powerful tracking, checking, recording tools. All the checklists you need for basic marketing campaigns, with complete trade show, product, P.R., advertising, marketing plans, website and budgets. Plus all the forms for administering sales, from expenses and commission reports to forecasts, quotes, pricing, inventory and lead tracking, etc.

You couldn't make and debug any of these for the time and money the whole set costs. Includes books, notes, hints, sample spreadsheets and complete collection of ready-to-use Excel spreadsheets.

Bonus: All the telephone area codes so your salesmen have no excuses. International country codes and metric conversion calculator too.

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Emergency Golf
How to survive your first rounds of golf

Sure golf looks easy on golf. But if you have never played before you probably don't even know the terminology or your way around the clubhouse, let alone a golf course. If the marketing meeting is next week and you don't want to look like a fool, you have to at least read this book. Learning golf and being good at it is actually very complicated. Only some kids are naturals. For the rest of us it is a confusing list of things to do and not do, none of which feel comfortable or natural.

Read here some very basic key lessons to help you survive - by the world's former worst beginner. I had played lots of sports - why couldn't I hit that little white ball - at all - let alone straight? After all, it stands still while you hit it? And what is the heavy bag of clubs all about?

Bonus: Lots of pictures to study in advance if you are a visual learner.

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