Winter 2008


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  • SEO and SEM
  • High Tech Writing
  • International Productization

SEO and SEM - The magic web marketing tools

In previous issues of this newsletter you have heard me rave about natural search engine optimization and also about pay-per-click advertising. These techniques continue to drive my lead generation every month, so I keep trying to learn more about them and how to do them better. For the first time, you can really get quick and accurate ROI information about your marketing dollars. At the same time, the mass of data available makes for some new science and discoveries in expenditure analytics. There is no need to drown in this data, there is no need to miss out on this new wave. Others are happily paying Google and friends a billion dollars plus each quarter in ad dollars, even as most of us Google for free every day.

What is the magic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) formula to win the search engine wars organically (read: for free)? Where is the best place to advertise with search engines and how do I compete against the big guys in SEM (Search Engine Marketing) when I do PPC, PPV or PPA? Yes these are all current, active and powerful terms for Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-View and Pay-Per-Action. They are changing the world's online advertising landscape.

But I am still a raw amateur at this game. Instead you now have a chance to learn all these details and a lot more if you join John Thyfault in his upcoming Web Marketing and Search Engine Marketing course at U.C. Extension. You too can learn from a professional and Google certified leader in just a few weeks and dramatically affect your own business - or those of your clients if you are on the agency side. See and reserve Wed night from Feb 13th onwards.



Writing for High Tech Marketers

Everyday we need to communicate via email, blogs, newsletters, memos, product plans, project plans, web pages, datasheets, business letters, articles, press releases, ad copy, white papers and presentations. Can you write smoothly, correctly and quickly without having to labor for hours over one introductory paragraph? Are your papers and presentations concise, organized and logical? Do they correctly build your technical marketing case with just enough words? Almost all of us can learn to write better, and thereby improve our business and technical communication skills.

Join Kathy Keenan in her Writing for High Tech Marketers course starting this coming Tuesday evening (Feb 5th) at U.C. Extension. Kathy is a former journalist, high tech PR communications guru and now an editorial director at Cisco. She will surely help you learn how to write better and in the right tone for a specific audience. Details at so you too can be a top-class marketeer, sales person or business executive.



How to profit from the falling dollar

If your company is focusing only on US markets, you could easily be missing some significant revenue. That's because many international markets are paved with gold (or at least with euros, pounds, yuan, yen, etc.), especially now that the dollar is at a 30-year historic low. This is the prime time to be exporting and focusing on increasing a significant base of international customers…. AND to get your overseas distributors or agents to contract services through the US, thereby saving your company lots of money.

One company is really comprehensive about helping companies globalize: Auerbach International Inc. They have two groups. One provides translation and localizations in over 80 languages (plus interpreting, layout, and other services), all with the fastest delivery times humanly possible. Localization should never be a simple word-for-word rendering and does not have to be expensive. But the localizations of your website, sales literature, operations manuals and lots more must be done right.

Click to obtain a free, quick-read PDF on the Ten Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in your Next Language Project.

Auerbach International's other group focuses on Global Marketing solutions. They help you learn fast what your overseas clients or prospects really want by surveying or interviewing them in their native languages, countries and time zones. The Auerbach International marketers help formulate your questions - advising you, for example, about which may be culturally or commercially incorrect - and then translate and conduct the surveys or interviews in your target countries. With the results, Auerbach International can then provide product launch and expansion strategies, drawing on the expertise of their in-country, product-targeted marketing experts.

To learn more about Auerbach International's Global surveys, interviews and marketing expertise, please call Doug Huete at 650 651 0827 or visit their website at

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