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"You are a non-stop fountain of good marketing ideas"..
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Start Your Own Business Today!

Each year at Silicon Valley Code Camp my talk on starting your own business is sold out.

But you can call for private consultation and help on starting a business. High tech, low tech or no tech, online or off. Small reasonable fees, usually on a few days (or even hours) a month consulting basis.


The Silicon Valley Marketeer

Business Planning

It doesn't have to be complicated. It doesn't have to be big. But it does need to make sense to identify target markets and customers and how you are going to reach them.

Have you made a simple budget and run the numbers? Have you put as much effort into the sales and marketing as you have the product or services? There is a reason big companies have all those departments.

No funding, bootstrapping or properly funded are all valid ways to start a business. All can work, but you have to plan accordingly and manage cash flow.

I have personally founded very small one man startups with almost no money down. And I have worked for VC funded startups and giant international concerns. Let me be your partner to success.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

For years marketeers have dreamed of paying for ads only when they work. Then along came Google and Yahoo and Facebook and some thought they had found the one perfect nirvana for paid and unpaid promotion.

But in this modern world, hot trends catch on real fast, and your competitors work the systems vigorously. So today you probably need a Search Engine Guru to help you navigate all the ins and outs of organic and paid search.

How does it fit in with your mainline marketing strategy? Traditional promotional tools? Social media marketing? CRM system?

I had to make it work to keep my boys in college. Now I can help you too. I learned on my own dime with my own promos, plus now have helped a number of clients. Full service or occasional coaching, oversight and direction consulting. Includes advice on tools, budgets, planning, monitoring and tracking.

SEO services for even the smallest business offered in conjunction with Brighter Scribe.

Want to do it yourself? See Brighter SEO book under Author section of this website.

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My First Rule of Marketing:

Do Something!

I will get you off and running.

Strategic Marketing & Management Consultant

Which markets should you target? How can you reach them best? What tools do you need? Where do they shop? Who are the best partners? Which plan is best? How will we get the best coverage? What brand experiences can we trigger? What staff or services do we need? Launch and marketing plans, from concept to execution.

Often includes full market research, business intelligence research and strategic business plans.

Startups and small businesses a specialty. Advisory board roles also accepted. High tech, clean tech and consumer.

Martin is a prolific marketing writer and award winning speaker. See

Product Management and Launch especially for U.S. Market Entry

Martin has extensive international consulting experience having worked on 5 continents, covering a career in software, hardware, peripherals, services and consumer goods.

Services include:

  • Market research
  • Target market identification
  • Competitive analysis
  • Product management
  • Test marketing
  • Launch plans
  • Strategic consulting
  • Web and collateral development
  • Documentation
  • Organizational development
  • Public relations
  • Trade show support
  • Professional video clips and stories


Quote of the Day:

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